About Deanna

Who I am (the creative)

Born a military brat and graduating to become a minister/missionary, I’ve travelled my entire life and lived all over the world. So, I guess you could say I like adventure! As an introvert, I also like being a home-body. So if you can’t find me out and about….look to my front door (you know – the one that was recently spotted (and mis-identified as a flying UFO) floating over the ocean from Berlin back to the US, touching down briefly in South Georgia and then taking root in Virginia).

I really really love God. He’s my thing. I also really love people and get incredibly excited about seeing them empowered to become everything they were created to be in Christ.

I have a high respect for culture and language and the way they influence how we view life and love and the world around us. Having had the chance to become enculturated in the German-speaking world was one of the hardest and best things I have ever done.

I LOVE story. God’s story. Your story. The story in my head. Especially if it has something to do with redemption.

On-top of that, I need – and I mean NEED – either a pen (ie. computer) or camera in my hand to tell those stories I love so much. If I’m not creating with words or images or both, I’m really only half of me. So beware – you could become my next model or hero!

What I do (the technical)


After attending the Every Nation School for Campus Ministry in connection with Fuller Theological Seminary (upon completion of her Bachelor’s degree), I helped to plant an Every Nation campus ministry at my alma mater, SMU, in Dallas Texas in the fall of 2000.

Five years later, I felt a call to Europe, and spent the next 12 years serving Every Nation churches in Innsbruck, Austria, and Nuremberg and Berlin, Germany. In following my passion to make disciples, coach, teach, counsel, and speak she witnessed countless lives being transformed by the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Now, I am serving as the North American Project Manager for the Every Nation Schools of Empowerment, where I have the opportunity to help craft curriculum, administrate the various schools around the globe, teach, disciple, impart and utilize my spiritual gifts of revelation and impartation. I am working alongside Pastor Jim Critcher and Pastor Jim Laffoon in helping to take these schools to the next level both in the U.S. and abroad.


Following my passion for photography, I have recently started my own little adventure called Storied Images – Deanna Danielle Photography. You can find my work at my website, http://www.storied-images.com, on Instagram under Storied Images or on my Facebook page at the same name. (Links on the Homepage).


I feel silly writing this right now, but hey! speaking to the future here! (And you are free to hold me accountable!! 🙂 I have a book project in process – a young adult fantasy series. You’ll find my blogs here and plan to write non-fiction in the future. I also write in combination with my photography, so feel free to visit the site listed above.